Procurement Policy


Procurement Principles

For the purposes of awarding contracts of supply of goods and services, leasing, licensing, sub-licensing and grant or allocation of any space, building, rights or privileges (collectively referred to as “the procurement”), Yamuna International Airport Private Limited (“Airport Company”) shall be guided by the following principles:

  • Realizing value for money
  • Fair and transparent short-listing of experienced and qualified applicants
  • Commercially prudent
  • Potecting the interests of the Users
  • Maximizing the effective use of the Airport Company’s resources

Procurement Procedures

The procurement shall be based on the following procedures:

Procurement Method


Open Competitive Bidding

Contracts exceeding ₹25 crore/ AY

Limited / Pre‐qualified tender

Contracts not exceeding ₹25 crore/ AY

Direct procurement

Contracts not exceeding ₹25 crore/ AY

AY means the financial year commencing from the first day of April of any calendar year and ending on the thirty – first day of March of the next calendar year.Issuance of tender specifications, where applicable, shall be done by means of e‐tendering, published at Airport Company shall have the right to elect any electronic portal to run such an open tender process.

The Procurement Principles and Procedures, as amended from time to time, is also available on the website of the Airport Company and can be accessed at: Website:
In case of any queries in relation to this Procurement Policy, the queries can be directed at: